Size Genetics No1 Penis Extender

Size-Genetics extreme Penis Extender

The best working safe penis extender is size-genetics use to to great effect by thousands of men globally its by far the most popular penis extender device to ever hit the market and has been the leading choice of men for the last decade .

Let’s all be honest at some point or another we’ve all thought about what it would be like to have an extra few inches added to our penis’s you know what am talking about lets not pretend that it’s just me. The fact is if your being honest we’d all love a bigger and thicker penis, women may claim its not all about the size but lets face it if you are not a multi millionaire it probably is.

they tell us this to make us feel better it’s the equivalent to a woman saying to you does my bum look big in this and you say no when in fact it looks huge.

wouldn’t you like to see a woman’s jaw drop when you take off your underwear and a them see that big smile emerge on her face? well the size genetics penis extender can help you achieve this.

What is the Size-Genetics penis extender ?

The Size Genetics Penis Extender is a medical device that has been proven to extend your penis by as much as 3inch’s in length and increase the width by 25% and how does it do this you ask well they keyword is traction it’s been medically and scientifically proven that them safest and most effective way to extend the length of your penis is with traction.

extreme penis stretcher

the size genetics penis extender consists of a ring that is put on the glans of the penis, a base that is put in place by a comfortable belt and two rods that go from the ring to the base and that apply traction, With stretching the cells in the penile tissue are extended and there are little empty spaces being created due to stretching. New tissue is then formed to fill out these empty spaces and this results in an increase in size. Traction that is applied by Size-Genetics penis extender is in fact constant stretching. By wearing Size-Genetics for at least 6 hours over the course of a month or two, you can gain more than an inch in size,  with even more size being gained the longer you use the device its like extreme diet in reverse.

What can the size Genetics Penis extender do for me?

  • 1 – 3 Inch Increase in Length
  • Thicker Penis Width By 25%
  • Curved Penis Straightened By 70%
  • Better Erection Hardness And Strength
  • Ejaculation Control Greatly Improved
  • Better Sexual Confidence
  • More Rewarding Sex Life

That right Size Genetics can help you with all of the above

 Is Size-Genetics Recommended?

SizeGenetics is one of the most effective penis enlargement systems available that increases penis size up to 30%, boosts stamina, improves sex drive, provides solid erections, and gives higher confidence and better sexual performance.

Size Genetics enlarges penis length and girth faster than any other device, but is also an effective cure for a curved penis.

Many men have already used it and most of them are satisfied with the results. Size.Genetics is proven to be effective and provides visible results on average within a just one month.

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(use you penis extender safely )

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