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I was always worried about the length of my penis or lack of length would be more to the point. Most of us would like a longer penis. There is a veritable minefield of useless information aimed close to your penis but actually aimed more squarely at your pockets that you need to avoid first. It seemed to me that the penis I had been blessed with might need a bit of help to improve the size. There is so much information on the web it is hard to tell what is worth trying, so where does a bloke go to find out?

After extensive research it seems to me to be all about the amount of blood your heart can pump to your penis. The more you improve the blood flow through the soft membrane of the penis the bigger the penis will eventually become. The more blood flow you can encourage to flow through the erect penis the stiffer the erection will become. So it is all about which is the best way to improve the blood flow in the penis during sex.

There are many products that claim instant results. This is a good way to sort out the rubbish. It is possible to make your penis grow bigger but it will not happen over night. I have made my penis two and three quarters of an inch longer but its taken me weeks rather than days and I have stuck at it. Even when things didn’t go quite has quickly as I expected. At first progress was less than swift but after a few short weeks the results started to stand out and it was obvious to see that the maleextra penis enhancement pills were working.

The best penis enlargement method that I found was male extra penis growth supplement. They helped pull blood to the penis soft tissues.

I used this very powerful male enhancement pill that came with a excellent exercise program that I am proud to say I totally failed to follow rigorously every day. because I am bone idle. and hate any sort of exercise regime that dose not start with the instruction to “INSERT PENIS IN TO MOIST VAGINA” If it don’t start like that I am not interested even without the exercise I have managed to improve the length of my penis with excellent results my overall length and girth have improved beyond my wildest expectations.


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The male extra pills were not expensive compared to other more fancy full penis enhancement products marketed on-line today.


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