How Do Male Extra Pills Work

Do Male extra Pills work?


*Male Extra pills Erection strengthening (erections like tempered steel)

*Male Extra pills Increases sexual stamina so you can perform like a porn star

*Male Extra pills Increased head and shaft size up to 3 inches

*Male Extra pills More intense orgasms for both you and your partner

*Male Extra pills Improves blood flow to the erect penis and increased nitric oxide levels

*Male Extra pills Increased blood circulation to genital area.

*Male Extra pills will Overall improve your sexual function

*Male Extra pills a safer method to grow a bigger penis and pact full of anti oxidants to detox your body

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Imagine how your woman would feel to be among the 29% of women who are happy with the size and performance of their penis. Studies show that 71% of women are not happy with the size of their mans penis. For these reasons and others, doctors and researchers are coming up with different types and brands of male enhancement products. Among these products is Male Extra pills a trademark . Male Extra pills are a powerful product designed to give you a stronger, harder, and longer erection with you penis increasing by 3 inches.

Male Extra pills are  not all about increasing the size of your penis, but also help if you are among men with erectile dysfunction or experience premature ejaculations. This could be as a result of age which can interfere with hormonal levels affecting your performance. It is obvious that, with a healthy penis your performance is high, and you will be able to satisfy your woman. Male Extra pills help in increasing the sensation and sensitivity felt during sex. The product helps in controlling premature ejaculation leading to an increased sexual stamina. Once you have started using Male Extra pills, you will feel confident and your problems will be just a memory.

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The pleasures contained in MaleExtra are pocket friendly than you can imagine. For a month, you can purchase MaleExtra for only $31 if you want the 12 months’ package. However, if you want to try this product, you only pay $79 for a month. To be able to benefit from the price discounts offered, you will be required to order your package in bigger volumes. This simply means, the bigger the package, the better the price value.

MaleExtra is shipped worldwide, but days of delivery are determined by destination country. You get a 180 days risk free guarantee when you purchase the 12 months package. To break it down, you get 90 days free to try MaleExtra and another 90 days to return it if you are not happy with the results. Other bonuses include Free Penis Health online access and DVD, Free Love Centria online and DVD, Performer 5 maximum ejaculation pills, and Vit5 essential nutrition.


In the grow a bigger penis market place there are literally hundreds of different products to choose from and unfortunately most of them are designed to extract the most amount of Pounds,Dollars or even Euros from your wallet without having the ability to substantiate there outrageous claims.


Most products in question focus on peoples vulnerability after all the chances are if you are looking to increase the overall size of your penis then there is a good chance that it is not that big to start with.

People will tell you that this “magic pill” will fix all your problems the truth is most of the products people are being sold are in fact just designed to rip people off most of them don’t have any medical approval or even any solid science behind them in order to back up the wild and crazy claims on the box.


I have been ripped off by many of these scam artists before and I had all but given up hope of actually finding a product that worked but with sheer persistence I have these are the penis enlargement pills I have used Sinrex, Vigrex plus, Extenze, Stimul8, at might I add some considerable cost I put my faith in all these manufactures and I’m sad to say have been let down on every occasion.

 discovering male extra pills

One day while scouring the internet in late 2011 I discovered a pill called Male Extra Pills the claims were much the same as all the other pills I had tried only this product had a money back guarantee. Finally I thought someone willing to back up the frankly what I though were incredulous claims on the box.


So I pulled out my already stretched credit card and brought a 3 month supply of male extra pills and never looked back I saw improvement within the first month and only brought another batch just too see if I could gain any more girth which I’m pleased to say happened and the results last.


It’s now 2011 and I have not taken a penis pill or done anything to prolong or increase my size since I finished the course in early 2010 and I’m so impressed with the overall speed, and gain in penis size I feel the need share it with people, like yourselves so you can avoid the huge expense it cost me finding out the hard way Male Extra Pills are scientifically proven and they offer a money back guarantee what have you got to lose.  Get your huge porn star penis today order your male extra pills today

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How confident would you be if you knew you could get harder erections on-demand and had the sexual stamina and control to go all night?



If you suffer from erection difficulties you’ll know how it can make your sex life worrisome and frustrating. The uncertainty of not knowing if you’ll be able to get an erection, let alone keep and sustain harder erections to  perform long enough to satisfy your partner, can make the problem so much worse.

You can’t relax, you get anxious, you worry more, you’re full of nerves… and it just makes everything worse.

Then of course there’s the embarrassment. Even though it’s not your fault, you apologize anyway… and hope she’ll stick around to try again another time. And it doesn’t matter how old you are because erection difficulties can strike out of the blue, at any time in your life. But it is a fact that as we get older testosterone levels will decrease in most men this this why you need vitalikor to help you get and maintain the testosterone levels in your body so your able to get harder erections on demand.

a lack of testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, a decrease in sex drive, a decrease in blood flow levels and overall decline in confidence – especially in the bedroom. Not only that, but you can experience a huge drop in orgasm intensity, which can obviously have a negative effect on your sex life…

But you can STOP worrying about these problems RIGHT NOW because we’re about to solve them QUICKLY and all without time consuming exercises, without prescription and without putting your health at risk with male extra…




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